5 Common Questions About The City

TheCity_horz_colorQuestion #1: What is The City?

Answer: The City will help everyone in our church stay engaged in daily life and ministry. It’s a group-oriented social network that’s all about helping Trinity build deeper community and extend the love of Christ to the world.


Question#2: Why does Trinity need The City?

Answer: We believe that The City will help us simplify communication, encourage community involvement, give ministry teams an easy and valuable way to organize, improve administrative efficiency, and engage people in developing a deeper relationship with one another and with Christ.


Question #3: How is The City different from Facebook?

Answer: There are many differences between the two tools, but they all stem out of one fundamental distinction: Facebook is made for individuals, and The City is built around communities. Just look at your Facebook news feed; everything revolves around you as an individual and the things and people you find important. In The City, you are an individual, yes, but the vast majority of communication happens in the context of the different communities or groups you’re a part of, and your news feed reflects that. Furthermore, being built for the church, The City provides leadership and administrative tools to local leaders that Facebook just can’t, because supporting and empowering churches isn’t Facebook’s goal. We wouldn’t say that one is better than the other, but they’re very clearly different.


Question #4: Is The City secure?

Answer: The City is indeed very secure. Because it is used by churches worldwide, the security of its users’ data has always been top priority. The City offers security options that allow you to choose how much or how little personal information displays, and to whom. Adding contact information, such as your phone number or address, to your profile helps Trinity keep an accurate database. You control who can see your personal information, update your email, phone and address privacy settings for your account.


Question #5: How do I join?

Answer: From the home page of our website at www.trinityroselle.com , click on the City tab in the bar at the top of the page, then click on Join the City.  Follow the instructions for creating an account.