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Resources for Life Groups

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Help, I need a topic!

There are so many resources out there to get into the Word and ways to apply it to your life. Some of you have talked to me about those and I love hearing about the topics and the resources that you use in your Life Groups. So I thought it would be great to share a couple of those ideas with you, feel free to check them out and see what interests your group.

Of course the Bible is the best resource. But what if you need a little more …

Right Now Media –

Did you know that Trinity subscribes to Right Now Media, this costs nothing to you. Right Now Media has tons of resources from Bible Studies to videos, things for kids and things for leaders. It’s endless. You can get it on your computer and there’s even an App (Right I know, what doesn’t have an app these days). To get access just go to Trinity’s website and click on the “Your Digital Library” box and “Request Access”. It’s that easy.

YouVersion -The Bible App –

YouVersion just turned 10 years old! This is a Bible App for your phone or tablet where you can read the bible, gives you the ability to be reminded each day about God’s Word (notifications for you tech people), has different reading plans depending on the topic you are looking for, videos and much much more. It also gives you the ability to do the reading plans with your friends/group. There is even a Bible App for your kids. The things you can do are endless. You can download the app from the App Store or if you like to look at it on your computer you can go to

Anthology –

This free website is where you can search on different topics, print out resources, watch videos, and a whole lot more. One some of the studies even have Leader Tips. Always good to get your group talking. You can find it at (no there is no .com or .org). You can get the App too.

Oasis – Church Library –

Did you know the church Library has a section for Bible Studies and Life Group topics?! Anyone can checkout items. Our librarian, Marilyn Bocci and those who help her, are in the process of adding more. If the door is locked just ask someone to open it for you. When you walk into the room, turn right and its on the wall to the right. Check out the picture.

Feel free to pass this information on to other people. It’s a great way to get a conversation going too!