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Are You Ready For a Challenge!

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It’s Coming! Red Letter Challenge!

What is it? It is a 40 day Challenge where you take Christ’s literal words and it gives you practical daily challenges based on those words.

This challenge will help you grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus, receive God’s forgiveness in your life and give grace to others. It will give you a greater heart of service and help you become more generous. And it will continue to build on what we have already learned about, telling others what Jesus has done in your life.

For each day there is a corresponding Bible story or passage as well as a Challenge. Each week there is a video and each weekend there is a sermon.

Who’s this for? This Challenge is for anybody and everybody. Get a group of friends together, wives ask your husbands, husbands ask your wives, calling all Small Groups, great for individuals too.

This starts March 10th!

Get your Book starting February 23rd! $10

Resources available at

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