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Final Week for Upward Flag Football Registration

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  • Co-Ed grades 2-8
  • One practice per week & one game per week.
  • Go to to register AND to volunteer
  • Cost is $80 per participant.
  • If you are in need of a scholarship, I MUST receive the following info from you this week (
    • participant name
    • address
    • parent/guardian phone #s (up to two)
    • participant birthday
    • current grade level
    • years of experience
    • medical concerns, including food allergies
    • school name only
    • church name only
    • parent/guardian name(s)
    • parent address (up to two)
    • parent email address (up to two)
    • gender
    • relation to youth
    • primary phone # (up to two)
    • interested in volunteering: coach, referee, other?
    • parent full name to type into “Authorization and Release of Liability” column
Please let me know if you have any questions.