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Requesting Nominations for Asst Pastor

From the Pastoral Call Committee:

Trinity Lutheran Church, Roselle, will be undergoing a transition to a new Senior Leader in the next six years.  Trinity has an immediate need for an Assistant Pastor to serve in the area of Family and Community Outreach Ministry, with a goal of training this pastor to transition into the Lead Pastor role at Trinity.

According to Article VII: THE FUNCTION AND POWERS OF THE CONGREGATION of Trinity’s Constitution point 4. iv – The Procedure for Issuing a Call, states the congregation may submit nominations for the assistant Pastor position. 

The job description for the Assistant Pastor is attached to this post. 

To submit a nomination to the call committee, please click here.

The Call Committee asks for your prayers as God leads the next Pastor to our church. 

(Limited copies of this post can be found in the Church Lobby. Hand written nominations must be filled out on forms found in the Lobby. Otherwise, we appreciate you using the above link to submit your nomination. Thank you.)

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Dine2Donate Continues at Chili’s!

Dine2Donate continues (lunch and dinner) at Chili’s until 3/27. Please stop by to support fundraising efforts for our school.

The participating Chili’s is located at: 310 W. Army Trail Rd. in Bloomingdale. 15% (pre tax) totals will be donated to Trinity!

Present the attached flyer when you go.  Thank you!

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Greeting! What does that really look Like

Good evening,

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who are keeping up with our Greeters posts and having some conversation about it.

I want to be open and honest with you that my goal is when our guests walk out of our doors on the weekend they can’t wait to come back because they felt the love you gave to them. 

We do hear from people that their experience coming into church has been welcoming and friendly.  You are doing wonderful work to the Glory of God!

I wanted to share something with you this week that one of my co-workers had shared with me.  I think maybe this could help explain why we are trying to go in a new direction with how we look and respond to our guests. We are also trying to have an area where our Hospitality/Welcome Desk is visible so it can be a friendly(or welcoming) place where people can get information about our church and school as well as help. 

We would like to give each guest a welcoming gift.   I appreciate your feedback and insight.  I would love to hear your thoughts on where the desk should be and what you think we should give as a welcoming gift.

I thank God for you and your service.




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More about Lent and growing

I am sure you have noticed the purple paraments, drapes and stoles that have appeared for Lent in church.  We use the color purple to remind us of the pain and suffering of the crucifixion and royalty.  Lent gives us an opportunity to reflect, grow and become stronger in our faith. The Lenten season is clearly set apart as a distinct time from the rest of the year and forms a contrast with the joyful celebration of Jesus’ resurrection when our alleluias ring loud and clear at Easter.  Spiritual Simplicity is helping me grow this season. Lesson two has me wondering if I am doing everything with love.   I am evaluating things and activities with a different focus.  How is your faith growing this Lenten season?

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Access to our Church Directory

Would you like to access our Church Directory from anywhere that you have access to the internet?

I would like to introduce you to Church Life. Church Life is a mobile app that gives you access to our church directory. Please go to your app store and download it to your mobile device for free. It is also available at www.churchlife.mobi.

You will need Trinity’s site number – 153370.

Your username and password are the same one that you have used to log into Trinity Connect. If you do not have access to that username and password any longer, please reply to this email or message me here on the City and I will reset it for you or create one for you.

Thank you!  I think that you will find this to be a very valuable tool in addition to the City.

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Seder Meal on Wed. April 12 @ 6 p.m.

The night before Jesus was crucified, Jesus celebrated the Passover Seder with His disciples. God’s people had been following God’s Passover command for thousands of years to remember their salvation from slavery in Egypt.  That night, Jesus taught His disciples the true meaning of the Passover meal.

This family-focused Passover Seder Meal will teach children the importance of Passover at the time of Jesus’ life. It will help them connect the symbols of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross in the meal and how Jesus fulfilled them in His death and resurrection for all of our sins.

Registrations are required. Turn in the attached form to the front desk.  

Questions? Contact Sunday School Superintendent Jim Ebert at 847-891-3361 or jjebert57488@att.net.

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Volunteers Needed

Easter is coming even when it snows in March:)  Outreach and Child & Family Life Ministries are teaming up together to host an Easter Egg hunt right here at Trinity. Our, church, school and community families are all welcome.  We need your help!. We are looking for volunteers to deliver door hangers to our community families.  You can deliver at your convenience.  We would like all door hangers to be delivered by March 31.    Please contact Lannie Vance if you are able to help.  


Lannie Vance


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