Directions to Trinity

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Trinity Lutheran Church and School Campus

405 S. Rush St., Roselle, IL 60172
Phone: 630 894 3263

Child Day Care

233 E. Maple Ave. Roselle, IL 60172
Phone: 630 894 3970

Adult Day Care

233 E. Maple Ave. Roselle, IL 60172
Phone: 630 894 3810

Youth Ministry

233 E. Maple Ave. Roselle, IL 60172
Phone: 630 259 8411

Contact Us

To contact someone, please click on their email field or call 630.894.3263 and use the extension number provided.

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Pastoral Staff

Rev. Charles S. Mueller Jr.

Senior Pastor
Phone: Ext. 214

Rev. Randy Rozelle

Assistant Pastor
Child and Family
Phone: Ext. 222

Rev. Doug Warmann

Pastoral Care
Phone: Ext. 224

Part time Pastoral Staff

Rev. Dr. Jim Bach

Phone: Ext. 250

Rev. Jason Pankau

Chicago Hope Mission

Rev. Charles S. Mueller Sr.

Christian Life Training

Pastoral Assistants

Paul Bocci

Organizational Effectiveness
Phone: Ext. 217

Erica Davies

Child and Family Ministry
Phone: Ext. 285

Bill Dubon

Director of Communications
Phone: Ext. 275

Amy Herring

Asst. to Pastor Mueller
Phone: Ext. 220

Betty Isard

Parish Nurse
Phone: Ext. 220

Tim Johnson

Technical Arts Ministry
Phone: Ext. 269

Deaconess Rogene Lis

Volunteer Ministry
Phone: Ext. 218

Theresa Mittelbrun

Phone: Ext. 266

Mark Novacek

Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Phone: Ext. 211

Ray Pagels

LCMS Gift Planner
Phone: Ext. 271

Jaimee Rygel

Child Care Center Director
Community Center
Phone: 630 894 3970

Andrew Schempf

Music and Arts
Phone: Ext. 283

Administrative Staff

Carole Arco

Director of Operations
Phone: Ext. 274

Pete Croner

Phone: Ext. 267

Cindy Schneider

Membership, Finance
Phone: Ext. 268

Tom Troyke

Buildings and Grounds
Phone: Ext. 226