A: We’ve met with some people, and we’ve had a few events where we are asking the leaders of the church to lead in making a commitment. We are asking our leaders to lead in the giving, so that we can show the congregation that the leaders are stepping up. It would be great to see half of the Imagine amount pledged right away, but we’re trusting that God will lead people.
A: Reducing debt doesn’t always free up operating funds, because a mortgage payment needs to be made each month regardless of how much extra is paid toward it. However, we are trying to pay off the debt freeing up funds that we can use toward ministry..
A: We are looking for people to share the vision and partner with the church by pledging an amount over the next three years which would be above and beyond their regular tithes and offerings. We’d ask that people NOT designate their giving, trusting—it takes trust—that our leadership will use the funds wisely and where it is most needed.
A: Many employers will match your charitable gift. If you have questions about how to make this happen, you can feel free to call the church office or speak with your employer.
A: The commitment cards been given out a few times in the last six weeks, but you only need to fill out one card per household. If you and your spouse give separately, you are welcome to make separate pledges. If a teen or child in your household wants to make a pledge or give a one-time donation, they are welcome to fill out a separate card.

A: Here’s what you need to know:

  • When making Imagine contributions online: Choose the fund named Imagine.
  • When making Imagine contributions with cash: Provide your name and address, and write IMAGINE on the envelope each time you make a pledge installment.
  • When making Imagine contributions with online banking or personal checks: Include IMAGINE on the check memo line each time you make a pledge installment. If you’d like to split a contribution between funds, include the designated amount for each fund. For example, a $100 contribution designating $75 to GENERAL FUND and $25 to IMAGINE.
  • NOTE: Imagine contributions will not be added to the initiative’s funds if IMAGINE is not included on each pledge installment of your contribution.
A: Complete both sides of the Imagine commitment card. Your name, address and contact information are all necessary to properly log your commitment.