July 29 (Sunday) – Progressive Dinner

Join others in going from house to house to enjoy each course of your meal.  We will end up at Trinity for dessert.  Appetizers begin at 3:00.  You will receive all the details one week prior to the dinner.

August 27 – Kids Against Hunger

Learn about the Kids Against Hunger’s packing center right here in Roselle. They pack protein rich food that is sent around the world to feed people. Darrel Malcom will share his passion for this ministry and how Roselle has made a difference in the lives of the malnourished.

September 24 –Aging is the only way to live

Learn, laugh and celebrate as Rich Bimler entertains us with his wit and knowledge on aging.

October 11 – Trip to see La Boheme, Matinee

La Boheme will be showing at the Lyric Opera. This is a great opera to attend if you are new to the world of opera.  Cost is $73.00.  All seats are on the main floor (no stairs).  Reservation and payment needs to be turned in by August 18.

October 22 – Katie Luther visits JOY

Learn what life was like to live with Martin Luther.  Karen Mason will be portraying Katie.  Sharing her perception of the changing world during the reformation.  Learn about how she coped with feeding all that who came to visit, Luther’s time away and how she made beer.

December 7 – The First Party of the Season

Diva Montel helps us open up the Christmas season in song.  A Chicagoland vocalist who sings a variety of music – from Sarah Brightmann, Celine Dion, Donna Summer, Whitney Huston to Ann Wilson.  This special event costs $16.00 and needs to be paid in advance.


February 25, 2019 – The Life of Artist Ai WeiWei

Patricia Spence will speak about the life of Artist Ai Weiwei. He was born in Beijing in 1957 and still resides there. He is a Chinese contemporary artist and activist.  As a political activist, he has been openly critical of the Chinese government’s stance on democracy and human rights.  He has been arrested and jailed because of his activism.

March 24, 2019 – Phil’s Friends

Phil Zielke will speak about Phil’s Friends. Phil used to be a teacher at Trinity and after a bout with cancer he started Phil’s Friends, an international Christian ministry to people who have cancer. Phil’s Friends mission is to provide Christ-centered support and hope to those affected by cancer. Learn more as Phil shares how they are touching people’s lives.