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Making Your Case for Christ Supplemental Video

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Greetings Everyone!

This past weekend we started the sermon series “Making Your Case for Christ”. We also had members of our congregation sign up to be in some of your groups. This is Very Exciting!!!

For those of you who are doing the study, you most likely have your books and the DVD. There is just one more thing that you will need and that is the supplemental video for session 2 of Pastor Mueller and Pastor Rozelle speaking about what we, as Lutherans, believe. It is important that you watch this supplemental video with your group, as well as the normal video. Below is a link to the video that you can watch on your computer (you will need internet/Wi-Fi connection). If for some reason you need a DVD please let me know as soon as possible. I will have Tim Johnson make a DVD. For those of you that meet at Trinity in the church library or the conference room there is already a DVD in there.

This video is provided as clarification of the Lutheran doctrine concerning decision theology. It is provided as a supplement to the “Making Your Case For Christ”

If you have any questions please let me know.