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New Upcoming Series “Love Works” Jun 16-Aug 25

James combines the wisdom of his brother Jesus with the book of Proverbs in his own challenging call to live a life wholly devoted to God.

Life’s Circumstances
Life is hard, but trials produce endurance, shape character, encourage trust and make believers whole and perfect (mentioned seven times in the book of James).
Favoritism and Love
Believers who say they have faith in God will always obey Jesus’ teachings and love others, not show favoritism or neglect the poor and needy.
Words Reveal You
James discusses words three times. The way believers talk about people shows their hearts and core values. Their words reveal the truth about their character.
Wealth Dismantled
God’s kingdom community dismantles divisions created by wealth and social status. Instead, believers should live with patient hope for Jesus’ return and say faith-filled prayers.