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Prior to Grandparents Day, information was sent home which introduced a new program thru the Lutheran Church Extension Fund called Young Investors Club™ (Y.I.C.).

This is a very attractive program developed to teach children the value of saving, studying and giving of their time to others.

If an account is opened prior to the end of May, your student (up to 18 years old) will receive:

——-3.5% interest on deposits up to $1,000.00 (1% over $1,000.00).

——- ‘Extra Credit’ for good grades: $1.00 will be added to their account for each ‘A’ grade received in a year (up to $25.00 each year).

——- “Extra Credit” for service hours: $25.00 will be added to their account each year for 10 hours service work performed for others.

——- Trinity Roselle Foundation will add $25.00 to each account that is opened by May 31, 2017.

——- PLUS much more.

If you still haven’t opened a Y.I.C. account for your student(s), we encourage you to take advantage of this great investment vehicle. See the application attached below, or go to for more information.

Feel free to contact Tom Ostrander at 630-824-8941 OR Andy Trosper at 224-456-6490 if you have any questions

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