Servant at Heart Christian Business Directory

Servant at Heart Christian Business Directory


Need a plumber? Lawyer? Nanny? There are times in life when you need to call on someone to get the job done–but where do you begin? You can start here.

Servant at Heart, sponsored by Lutheran Church Charities and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, is a free directory of Christian businesses whose purpose is to connect the body of believers to a referral source in the marketplace of professionals and businesses, who are honest, operate with integrity, who offer a standard of excellence, and work as unto the Lord (learn more)


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Servant@Heart, Lutheran Church Charities, and Trinity Lutheran Church, Roselle do not warrant or guarantee services provided by businesses listed in this online directory. Any agreements, disputes, or warranties are totally between the two parties, client and business, involved. You agree by using this website and its likeness that you release the Lutheran Church Charities, Trinity Lutheran Church, Roselle, and its affiliates from liability, expressed or non-expressed, which may occur between the client/customer and the business represented in the Servant@HeartBusiness Directory. However, if you feel you have been wronged by any listing, please contact us immediately by emailing Lutheran Church Charities reserves the right to drop any listing, without notification, if they feel that Christian ethical or moral standards have been violated.