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Join a Transformed Group Today!

If you haven’t already joined a Transformed group, it is not too late!  Here is a list of the groups that have formed. The listing shows the name of the host, meeting place, meeting day and time and type of group.  (Mixed groups include Men and Women, Married and Single) Click on the link to join one.

Sunday groups:

Fran Sauber Trinity Sunday 9:30 A.M Women
Jen Pankau Trinity Sunday 8 AM Women
Pastor Pudell Trinity Sunday 11:00 AM Large Group
Pastor Pudell Trinity Sunday 9:30 AM Large Group
Paul & Marilyn Bocci  Roselle Sunday PM Mixed
Steve & Becky Pautsch Roselle Sunday 4 PM Mixed

Val Rygel Roselle Sunday 4 PM Mixed

Monday groups:

Dave & Bonnie Carter Trinity Monday 7 PM Couples
Jason Pankau Roselle Monday 6:30 PM Men
Keith Abraham Streamwood Monday 7 PM
Pastor Bach Trinity Monday 9:30 AM Mixed
Phil Parisi Trinity Monday 7 PM Men

Tuesday groups:

Al & Jeanette Short Bartlett  7 PM Tuesday Mixed 
Dave & Sue Short Schaumburg Tuesday 7 PM Mixed
Pastor Warmann/Noll Trinity Tuesday 7 PM Large Group
Shelly Welch Roselle Tuesday 7 PM Mixed

Wednesday groups:

Bill Dubon Trinity Wednesday 6:30 PM Mixed
Heidi Gewartowski Bartlett Wednesday 7 PM Women
Jill Kelm Trinity Wednesday 7 PM Women
Judy & Don Evangelista Arlington Heights Wednesday 7 PM Mixed
Judy Brigss Women Wednesday 7:00 PM Women
Mark & Lin Wahlen Trinity Wednesday 6:30 PM Mixed
Pastor Pudell Trinity Wednesday 9:30 AM Large Group

Angie Bickelhaupt  Bartlett Wednesday 10:30 AM Women

Thursday groups:

Brian & Pat Nagel  Thursday 7PM Mixed
Carroll Alexander Roselle Thursday 7PM Mixed
Cindy Schramm Trinity Thursday 12:15 Women
Lisa Pudell Trinity Room 104 Thursday 7PM School Parents
Mark & Jill Novacek Thursday 6PM Couples Carol Stream
Mike & Vern Nagel Roselle Thursday 7PM Mixed
Val Rygel Roselle Thursday 9 AM Women 

Friday groups:

Diana Reese Trinity Friday 1:45 PM Mixed
Pastor Warmann Trinity Friday 7 PM Mixed
Vance/Wahlen Trinity Friday 9:30 AM Mixed

Saturday groups:

Larry Fisher Trinity Saturday 7 AM Men
Pastor Warmann Trinity Saturday 8 AM

Praise God!  The following groups are full!:

Brian & Charlotte McLaughlin Roselle Sunday PM Mixed (FULL)
Dave & Lannie Vance Roselle Monday 6:30 PM Mixed (FULL)
Dave Neukuckatz Trinity Sunday AM  Couples (FULL)
Jeanine Kelly Glendale Heights Wednesday PM Women (FULL)
Joe Bickelhaupt Bartlett Thursday PM Men (FULL)
Joe Henry Community Center Sunday PM  Mixed (FULL)
Patty Savage Roselle Sunday Mixed (FULL)
Nancy Moser Sunday (FULL)
Michelle Wolf Roselle Monday 6:30 PM Women (FULL)
Tony & Sue Mintrup Schaumburg 7:30 PM Couples (FULL)